The Most Unique Jacket in the World

There is no jacket design like this: using British classic design legacy, it is crafted with the finest material combinations and styled to fit the unique feminine profile.



Uniquely feminine jacket profile based on 18th and 19th century British design legacy.


Combination of finest wools, silks, satins, jacquards, velvets and silk passementerie.


Superbly structured longer jackets using Savile Row tailoring techniques to create an elegant yet comfortable profile.


Heritage classic pieces – these jackets will stand the test of time (not ‘in’ and ‘out’ of fashion).

Jacket FAQs

Belle Brummell designs their jackets to flatter the feminine form. It is for people who want to look classic and well-dressed on every occasion, and who pride themselves on wearing high-quality and bespoke designs.

We use a combination of the highest quality materials to create a gorgeous blend for this jacket, the mix of different materials creates a unique look to the jacket and unmatched quality. Some of the materials we use include wools, silks, satins, jacquards, velvets and silk passementerie.

Belle Brummell has designed jackets that will stand the test of time. The classic and timeless look means that they will never go in and out of fashion, and will consistently look amazing. We use unique methods of creating our jackets, which ensures that they are extremely durable too. So, you can enjoy wearing your Belle Brummell jacket for years down the line.

We are opposed to fast fashion, so we aim to create classic pieces that consistently look amazing, and do not fall into micro-trends. So, we have taken inspiration from 18th and 19th-century British design in order to achieve the unfailing and unforgettable look of our jackets.

The jackets that we sell at Belle Brummell are extremely flexible in terms of style and occasion they can be worn for. The timeless look ensures that they look fantastic with any outfit, at any time of the day. You can also change the jacket up by adding various collars or cuffs, which would be suited better for evening or day use. You may also want to consider adding evening silk, to add that extra special touch to the jacket for the evening.

We use bespoke tailoring methods that are often known as Savile Row techniques. This involves undergoing processes like crown shoulder and piping. This helps create a flattering jacket to suit the feminine form, as well as make the jacket extremely comfortable.