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Belle Brummell Ltd

Belle Brummell Ltd will be launching their new 2023 Collection of highly tailored Women’s Long Jackets in the summer 2023. These unique and astonishingly beautiful Belle Brummell jackets have been developed with the expertise of Savile Row, London tailors and are a UK based firm. Their designs take inspiration from 18th and 19th century design profiles and are built to last decades – even generations! Additionally, Belle Brummell Long Jackets have been designed with the Classical feminine form in mind where the jackets provide a comfortable structure to compliment the female form.

Our jackets use prestigious 3-season top quality wools and velvets provided by the preferred fabric vendor of Savile Row, Holland & Sherry. Luminous satin jacquards, silk trims, superb passementerie and custom gilt BB buttons or couture jacquard buttons complete the jackets. The designs of Belle Brummell Long jackets can add sparkle to any evening event or LEND elegant comfort to jaunty days in the country.

We also offer a unique form of customization of our jackets as every body is not a standard size. In each standard size pattern, we can also offer the same size but with a larger bust measurement and a choice of regular or shorter sleeve length. This makes your jacket unique to you.

Finally, to provide you with a wide variety of “looks”, we offer attachable ivory satin collar and cuffs to dress up the jackets for the evening or white pique cotton day cuffs to set the right sartorial tone for important day events.

If you are interested in finding out more about us and our uniquely flattering jacket designs for women, please check our social media platforms and follow us to be kept up to date on current events happening around these world-class jackets!

Belle Brummell is a high-luxury designer clothing brand that specializes in Unique Classical cuts and contours for the feminine profile. We use a combination of the finest materials, offer size customization and historic Savile Row tailoring techniques to ensure complete customer satisfaction and a timeless jacket that will never go out of style.

We make a uniquely contoured, highly tailored, classical jacket for the feminine forms of women. The designs have been inspired by traditional British fashion of the 18th and 19th centuries with a 21st reinterpretation of these profiles to provide the jackets with a timeless look and feel. Our jackets are not only supremely flattering but comfortable. Finally Belle Brummell jackets offer style flexibility with the addition of optional, attachable collars and cuffs to give you surprisingly different looks for day and evening.

We call the Belle Brummell a “long” jacket as the jacket itself is a bit longer than regular jackets. In regular jackets, the cut is the same as the cut for men, with the hem of the jacket usually cut off in a straight line at the widest area of the hips… both front and back. This is not usually the most flattering look for most women.

Our jackets are cut for women with a slightly longer length. This profile offers an increased vertical line to the jackets – much more flattering for most women. The generous length also offers constantly curving hems – a tailoring tour de force! The front of the jacket covers the tops of the thighs and the back of the jacket fully covers the bottom. Additionally, with the longer inverted pleating at the back, your jacket moves beautifully at the back and gives you an elegant look as you walk.

Unique Design, superb quality, superior craftsmanship and timeless appeal.

The first element you will notice is the supremely flattering profiles of our jackets. To our knowledge, our jacket profiles are unique in the luxury world market place. Additionally, the tailoring demands for these jackets ARE immense as some of the jackets require almost 40 pattern pieces. Quality is so important to us that we searched out and found superb Savile Row, London tailors to help us develop the designs and production standards for these jackets.

Secondly, we use a specializes combination of both traditional mens’ and womens’ fabrics to create these jackets. Materials include 110% VIRGIN wools, silks, satins, jacquards, velvets and silk passementerie which provides the jacket with a supremely elegant look and feel.

Thirdly, our attention to design detail: Our jackets often have coordinated piping on the major seams, inverted pleating to the skirts of the jackets, wide passementerie on the jacket cuffs, silk ornamental drops for the back and custom BB logo buttons in gold gilt or hand-made satin jacquard couture buttons.

Our attention to fit: As our jackets are highly structured, we want our jackets to fit you beautifully. In each standard size pattern, we also offer the same size but with a larger bust measurement and a choice of regular or shorter sleeve length. Finally, we have the jackets made in London and source most of our goods within the UK to keep a firm eye on quality.

The Belle Brummell administrative team is based in Hove/Brighton in the UK. Our jackets are made in London.

Our jackets are made-to-order which means we only begin work on your special jacket when your order has been confirmed. We also offer a unique customization of our jackets. In each standard size pattern, we can also offer the same size but with a larger bust measurement and a choice of regular or shorter sleeve length. This makes your jacket unique to you. Please note: this is not a made-to-measure pattern but a modified pattern of the existing standard size patterns we have created.

As our jackets are made to a unique set of customizations, we are not able to accept returns. We will, however, work diligently with you to ensure you are ordering the right jacket size and that you are measuring yourself properly. Our goal is have our clients delighted with their purchases and that they will wear them for many, many years.

Allow 6-8 weeks for the jacket to be made. For shipping within the UK, your jacket will be with you between 3-5 business days. Outside of the UK, please allow 10 working days for your parcel to arrive. It may come sooner, but every country is slightly different with their customs procedures.

Both! When your jacket has been completed and is ready for shipping, we ship across the whole of the UK mainland for free, and your order will usually take between 3 and 5 days to arrive at you.

For orders outside the UK, we also ship for free. please allow about 10 business days for shipping. Your jacket may arrive sooner, but different countries have different custom procedures.

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About Belle Brummell

Belle Brummell specialises in a unique line of jackets, which are inspired by the classic British design legacy of the 18th and 19th centuries. We only use the finest, the most high-quality combination of materials like wools, silks, satins, jacquards, velvets and silk passementerie. This creates a stunning and flattering look, that fits and flatters the feminine profile. 

We structure long jackets using a special technique called Savile Row tailoring, which involves bespoke methods like crown shoulder and piping. This creates an elegant profile that is extremely comfortable. It makes the jackets that we sell truly unique. 

The jackets that we create are classic heritage pieces that will stand the test of time and do not conform to trends that are ‘in’ and ‘out’ of fashion. The durability and flexibility of our jackets will ensure many years’ worth of the coat.Additionally, Belle Brummell’s jackets are very flexible in terms of styling. You can add day collars, cuffs, evening silk or satin collars. This allows you to have a huge variety of looks for many occasions, allowing you to get the full benefit from the jacket and show it off to its full extent.